To Earthlings and Those Who Are Not Of This World

The last time I had a blog was during the Xanga years in the early part of last decade, so it’s been awhile since I’ve tried to write publicly.  At the time I was in my early-20s and have since been through a couple life changing journeys over the years.  I’d like to use this blog to write about what I’ve learned during and coming in and out of these phases in my life; everything from my early lukewarm Christian years to my on-fire Charismatic Christian phase and into my current atheist-leaning-agnostic life.  I’ll also be posting science, religion and religious studies articles that I find fun, interesting and thought provoking with my own thoughts and opinions on the matter.

My next post will be about my own Christian history and how I came to be an atheist.

One thought on “To Earthlings and Those Who Are Not Of This World

  1. For the same reasons as you, I left church. However, I also saw that Yahshua (meaning Yah Saves) is real. You see, I belong to the slow food movement where spiritual food is prepared from the very best ingredients, taking much time. Fast food is junk that will kill you in the end.


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