Bethel Church Cancer Healing Testimony

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook.  The man seems genuine and I’ve heard these type of stories before at my old church.  But like every other story that I’ve heard there’s yet to be X-ray proof.

4 thoughts on “Bethel Church Cancer Healing Testimony

  1. when I hear stories of “miraculous” healing, I think there’s so much more to be discovered by the medical/scientific community, which is really cool and drives me to want to learn more! The answer “God did it” seems like such a dead-end.

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    • Actually the Pharisees did believe the healings which made them so angry because they did not want to accept that Jesus was the son of God. That’s why they tried to shut the people up that were healed…


  2. My only gripe is when people claim Jesus healed them yet they are being treated by doctors. Jesus did not need the help of physicians. He is the Great Physician!!


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