Gold Dust Miracle At A Global Awakening Meeting

One of the leaders I know from Randy Clark‘s Global Awakening  just posted these gold dust miracle photos on his Facebook page.  I’m not sure where exactly these were taken, but I’m assuming it was in Nashville cause Global Awakening just had a week long series of meetings there.  They were taken a few days ago.

I have seen gold dust miracles before. It was usually a small amount of gold flakes on somebodies hand that most likely flaked off of the gilded golden edges of a Bible while flipping through the pages. This over excited person thinking God gave them a miracle during worship at church only fooled themselves.  I also remember seeing gold flakes on church chairs and feeling excitement that I have found gold, but a couple chairs down I’d see a woman wearing a gold flaked dress.

These three pictures have a lot of golden flakes.  I have serious doubts its a real miracle.  Maybe somebody accidentally dropped a plastic canister of glitter and it happened to fall on an open Bible.  Maybe somebody thought it would be amusing to trick the True Believers in the congregation with a fake gold miracle.  Maybe even the person who found the gold planted it there themselves.  People are attention seeking; especially within an emotionally driven worship meeting with a miracle believing culture like the Charismatics and Pentecostals

It would be nice to see someone in the miracle believing Christian community collected the gold dust and taken to someone who can analyze it and prove it’s gold not of this Earth.  Seeing and assuming it’s real doesn’t mean it is.




13 thoughts on “Gold Dust Miracle At A Global Awakening Meeting

  1. This is the type of ‘miracle’ documented in The Finger of God Documentary. As far as I am aware it is not a type of miracle ever previously recorded in Church History, that of itself should be sufficient for it to be a cause for suspicion.

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  2. A brief search on various Christian sites show that there is much internal angst over these sort of manifestations. It seems many Christians are uneasy about them.


  3. I for one do believe in miracles…wholeheartedly. However I also believe some operate in emotionalism. It’s too bad because some believers come out of churches who believe God is alive today but far away in a distant land. Some are craving a touch from their Heavenly Father and get it nowhere so they go where they can get it. Of course we can only judge based on distance without being there and around it. Some have done tests on the gold dust, along with gems and they have said it’s genuine. My aim in the midst of believing a God that does wondrous amazing things today, along with a people who are desperate for a touch from Him is to sit back without taking sides because you never know when you may be fight God. (See Acts 5:39) If you are secure in knowing who you are in Him and Him in you it doesn’t matter what another man’s servant is doing or believing. (See Romans 14:4)

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  4. Have to say I’m pretty familiar with Christianity, but never seen this gold “miracle” thing before. Must be a more Charismatic thing? I think the most disturbing aspect of it is that they think god is going to give them gold. If anyone should be getting miracle gold from the sky, it’s people in the third world! And if you’re going to give them gold, rain down some nuggets, what’s this dust crap? That they associate a precious metal with righteousness is disgusting, I thought they weren’t supposed to care about material things? If it’s just for the “sign”, then A) their faith must not be that great to be so impressed with miracle dust needed to further convince them and B) there must be other signs besides “ooo shiny”. It speaks volumes for where their head is really at in terms of priorities and the insecure need for any sort of validation of their nonsense. So weird. Just when I thought I couldn’t disagree with and not understand Christian fundamentalists any more.


    • It gets even weirder than this, a number of people in the church claimed that God was giving them gold teeth. It was on the Finger of God video that features Bethel quite prominently. It would of been a bit more persuasive if there was a statement from the persons dentist confirming the matter.

      But it all seemed so weird to me I first came across whilst I still called myself a Christian and I had to ask myself the question, ‘why would God act in such a strange way’?

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      • I have a friend who believed he miraculously received gold teeth. He gave a miracle testimony to the church. When I asked him if he thinks it may have been a crown he forgot was on that tooth he got a little quiet and said “I don’t think so.”


  5. Yes you are to try the spirits. But it seems too many people trying the spirits has a spirit of fear! Afraid God is Gina let the devil come in the church and turn true worship into a lie by sending gold dust and diamonds during worship. Tell me is gold dust or glory dust a bad gift? If you think it is then why? Is a jewel an evil gift? If you think it is then why? Is supernatural oil coming out of people’s hands and bibles an evil gift? If so then why? Why because you think God is just like you and sees things just like you do and you think God would only do the few miracles signs and wonders written in the Bible! According to the book of John Jesus did so many miracles signs and wonders right before he ascended that John supposed that if the books were written about them that even the world would not be able to hold those books!! Your unbelief is astounding in the light of the scriptures!!!


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