The Donald Trumpet Prophecy

Prophecy: Donald Trump Shall Become the Trumpet

One of my old church mates posted the above article from Charisma Magazine on Facebook.  It has every cliché you would typically hear in a prophecy: all the “shalls,” “raise-ups,” and biblical analogies and metaphors.  But the one that caught my attention is the Trump/trumpet wordplay.  I remember wordplay being very common when hearing someone give prophetic words to another person.  For example, a person with the last name Nation, would be told they will be sent out to the nations— I’ve actually heard that one before.  The names of biblical characters usually have a meaning that coincide with their God-given destiny, so Prophetic Christians tend to try to find meaning in the names of those they are prophesying over.


I’m not claiming that this is how he came up with the prophecy, but by my own experience I can imagine Jeremiah Johnson, who wrote this article, deep in prayer about the state of the nation.  None of the godly Republican candidates seem to be very strong and the one ahead in the Conservative polls is the loudmouth guy that even the Republicans find embarrassing.  So he’s sitting in his prayer closet asking the Lord for some kind of revelation because God-forbid a liberal is elected into office again. He starts praying for Donald Trump and saying his name over and over until he thinks up the word “trumpet” and is then reminded of all the stories in the bible about trumpets being blown during feasts, celebrations and war so he goes with this and then remembers the story of Cyrus.  And through the power of Christian Right desperation this is the prophetic revelation about Donald Trumpet, the unlikely god-ordained Republican candidate with a father’s compassionate and tender heart that will call out government corruption and perversion and help the poor and needy.